I have nothing to prove that I am a Congolese national, says singer Mumba Yachi.

And Magistrate Ruth Kapulo has reserved ruling on Mumba’s bail application to when he obtains a temporal residence permit.

Speaking to journalists shortly after a court hearing today, Mumba said he did not have any documentation to prove he was Congolese.

“For you to be a Congolese you have to have something to show that you are a Congolese isn’t it? Or if you are a Zambia, how can you prove that you are a Zambian if you don’t have anything? For me I don’t have any records from Congo. I don’t have any birth records from there, I don’t have an NRC from Congo. That is the situation, so it’s something that can be laughable in future, Mumba said.

He also said he was heartbroken because he missed his two-year-old daughter.

“I am broken, I miss my daughter, she is my best friend. I am very heart broken. Her name is Amour, she likes telling me stories and I miss those stories,” Mumba said.

Mumba also asked his fans to support him by buying his album.

“I love my fans very much. For now, they can buy my album, the Great Work album is out and if they can buy that album, they can provide some food for my daughter. I am not a beggar but I work hard.
So if they buy the album, that is the best way of helping,” he said.

Asked about his experience in jail, Mumba said he was getting to understand some of his lyrics better while in detention.

“The experience is okay, you get used once you are inside. As an artist I understand more or the lyrics that I write. Jail has made me understand what I mean, sometimes you have to be here to understand things. Sometimes you can be out there, writing songs but you don’t really know what you mean,” said Mumba.

And Magistrate Kapulo said she would only rule on whether or not to grant the accused bail if he obtained a temporal permit to stay in Zambia.

The accused, whose real names are Shadreck Chite Mukenge alias Shadrick Mumba, is facing three immigration charges among them unlawful stay in Zambia.

Magistrate Kapulo said if Mumba was released on bail without formalising his stay in Zambia by obtaining a permit, he could still be arrested.

She said ruling had been reserved until such a time when she saw a permit.

The matter has since been adjourned to September 18, 2017 for mention while trial has been set for October 22, 2017.

His lawyer Mwape Bwalya told the court that she would start the process of acquiring a permit for his client today.

Mumba’s fellow artists, who filled the court gallery, murmured upon hearing the court’s decision to reserve ruling on bail.

And as he was being led out of the courtroom, Mumba told his wife Catherine, whilst wrapping his arm on her shoulders, to be strong.

He also hugged and kissed his tearful wife.