Two investigations officers have told the Lusaka High Court that one of the suspected ritual killers Lucky Siame led them to the crime scene.

Jimmy Phiri told judge Florence Lengalenga that on April 14, Siame led them to Lilanda compound near a place called Musanide Car Park where one of the victims body was picked by police.

Phiri narrated that when they reached at the crime scene, Siame wanted to demonstrate how the victims were allegedly murdered but before he could conclude his sentence, his lawyer Humphrey Mweemba objected saying Siame did not voluntarily lead them to the crime scene.

Mweemba argued that Phiri’s evidence was tantamount to a confession.

In their response, the state argued that the evidence was admissible because it was done after a warn and caution statement had been administered.

The state argued that Phiri led them to the crime scene voluntarily and asked the court to overrule the objection.

In his response, Mweemba urged the court to take a position where a confession of leading or directing was involuntarily obtained in order to prevent trial within trial.

Ruling on the matter has since been reserved to September 21st.

Earlier 43-year-old David Siloka, another crime investigation office, told judge Lengalenga that during investigation, Lwambazi Mumbo, a witch doctor revealed that he cleansed the four suspected ritual killers.

Siloka said Mumbo told him that he cleansed the accused persons because they were haunted by ghosts of the deceased who they allegedly murdered in cold blood.

Siloka further narrated that Mumbo led him and other police officers to Lusaka West where he performed the cleansing on Kasupe Road.

The investigations officer said on April 29, he travelled to Solwezi where he apprehended Collins who he came to know as Elvis Nyanga.

He testified that he went after Nyanga when Mumbo gave him his contacts.

Siloka further narrated that he ferried Nyanga to Lusaka where an identification parade was conducted in which Mumbo recognised Nyanga.

In this case, Siame, Lewis Chishimba Bwalya, Christopher Kasapo and Elvis Nyanga are accused of being behind the spate of the ritual killings that hit Lusaka early last year.

The quartet is alleged to have murdered Clever Changwe, Amon Sichamba, Alex Zulu, Elias Phiri, William Chella, Boris Muzumara and Anthony Mwaba between March 5 and April 17.