A nurse from Hilltop hospital says Lusaka businessman Reeves Malambo was in shock and he died 10 minutes after arriving at the medical facility.

In a matter, Tshabu Benos is accused of murdering her boyfriend Malambo on January 29, 2017.

Veronica Muntanga told Lusaka high court judge Gertrude Chawatama that Malambo’s eyelids were also white and pale.

She testified that after being instructed by a Dr Shabuwa, she the injected Malambo with resuscitative drugs after a struggle to find his veins as they had collapsed due to excessive bleeding.

Mutanga said Malambo was certified dead when they were trying to put oxygen as he was running out of breath.

She said Dr Shabuwa certified Malambo dead on January 30 about 10 minutes past midnight.

Mutanga further testified that before Malambo passed on, she asked what transpired after noticing a stab wound on his right upper back.

She said Benos’ brother Mumba told her that his sister and her lover were fighting in their bedroom.

Muntanga also testified that Benos and Mumba were heard shouting “emergency! Emergency!” as they drove into the hospital premises.

The witness said while at the emergency bay, Benos said she threw a knife at her lover as he threatened to kill her.

Mutanga said with the help of the hospital maids and Mumba, Malambo was lifted and rushed to the acute bay.

She further testified that after Malambo was certified dead, Benos started crying after which they were advised to report the matter to the police station.
She said after police officers from Woodlands and Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe police station inspected the body, it was then deposited at the University Teaching Hospital mortuary.

In cross examination, Muntanga became emotional when a defense counsel suggested that she was hiding something on what transpired at the hospital.

She said there was nothing to hide as her interest was to save life.

“A person who has not clocked 24 hours in hospital is a brought in dead. Malambo only stayed for 10 minutes in hospital and passed away,” said Muntanga.

Meanwhile, a police officer Belita Bwalya told the court that at a time Benos was being placed in custody, she didn’t have any physical injuries.

Constable Bwalya said the accused kept on crying.

“She was just crying my husband you can’t die, my husband you can’t die,” said Constable Bwalya.

The officer said during interrogations, Benos said she was fighting with her lover behind the door in their bedroom.

Constable Bwalya testified that Benos told police that during the fight, Malambo got a knife from the pantry within the bedroom after which they started struggling for it.

She said Benos also told them that during the struggle for the knife, Malambo started shouting that he was hurt.

Trial continues on September 26, 2017.