Lusaka High Court judge Susan Wanjelani has found Chilanga UPND member of parliament Keith Mukata and his lover Charmaine Musonda with a case to answer.

This is in a case in which the duo is charged for the murder of Namakabwa Kwenda, who was a security guard at Mukata’s law firm.

In her ruling on case to answer, judge Wanjelani said the prosecution had established a prema facie case against the accused and placed them on defence.

Defence lawyer Eric Silwamba then informed the court that Mukata and Charmaine would remain silent but would call witnesses.

He said their decision to remain silent was to avoid incriminating themselves in the matter.

As the court delivered its ruling, Mukata and his lover looked distressed.

A number of relatives and friends thronged judge Wanjelani’s court room with a perception that the accused would walk to freedom, but were later dismayed with outcome of the court’s ruling.

The matter comes up on November 14 for production of evidence.