Lusaka magistrate Brian Simachela has acquitted Roan PF member of parliament Chishimba Kambwili of three traffic offenses leveled against him by RTSA.

And Kambwili has warned President Edgar Lungu to be prepared to face the same court when he is voted out of office because he is a thief who has amassed so much wealth within a short period of time.

Magistrate Simachela found Kambwili with no case to answer saying the prosecution had failed to prove its case.

The court said the testimonies of the prosecution witnesses were full of lies and malice and as such, they were not credible.

“The prosecution failed to investigate the matter thoroughly thereby abrogating the rules of natural justice,” said magistrate Simachela.

The court also said the witnesses’ evidence was destroyed in cross examination by Kambwili’s lawyers Keith Mweemba and Christopher Mundia.

And Kambwili charged that President Lungu is a thief.

“You are all aware that I have got a house in Luanshya, my main house and my house in Lusaka I only live in it when Parliament is in session and this boy Chileshe Chileshe went and took my vehicle without my knowledge. But they decided to charge me and show people that I am a criminal. Justice has prevailed in this matter and I hope and trust that as they are trying to bring in more matters that they cannot justify, we shall be ready for them. The same way that they have brought me to court on tramped up charges, will be the same way they will also go to court but for them it will be unfortunate because they are kabwalalas (thieves). Lungu is a kabwalala and when he is brought to court you will see what will happen to him, they must prepare to answer the same way we are answering,” charged Kambwili.

“They are taking innocent people to court and yet they are thieves but the day of reckoning is coming. my appeal to the people of Zambia is just to vote Lungu out so that we can remove his immunity and he can come and appear in court to tell us where he is getting the money to build all over Lusaka. We all knew who Lungu was, he was just a chakolwa in Chawama, he had no money because his licence was revoked for stealing K36,000 belonging to a client and today, he is the richest man in Zambia. An ambulance, Toyota has confirmed today, it is K74,000 but they buy at $288,000. What a way of running a country.”

In this matter, Kambwili was facing three traffic offence charges among them being in charge of jaguar bearing a false registration mark CK 900 whose real number plate was AOB 2949.

The said vehicle was being driven by Chileshe Chileshe on Dedan Kimathi road on August 13, 2017 in Lusaka.

The second count states that Kambwili permitted Chileshe to drive the said motor vehicle without a driving license contrary to the road traffic act No 11 of 2002 of the laws of Zambia.

Particulars in third count allege that on August 13,2017 Kambwili failed to display a certificate of insurance on the Jaguar in respect of which the disc was issued.