A 30-year-old man Lusaka has been sentenced to three months imprisonment with hard labour for trespassing at Vice-President Inonge Wina’s house.

Royd Kashiwa was facing one count of criminal trespass at Government House plot 2 with intent to annoy.

Lusaka magistrate Brian Simachela convicted Kashiwa upon his own confession that he entered the Veep’s residence as he had nowhere to sleep.

The incident happened on October 10, 2017 when Kashiwa entered Government House after which he lit the fire to keep himself warm.

And a public prosecutor told the court that an assistant superintendent, a Muleya from State House, who was called by a neighbour to see what was happening at the Veep’s house was told that this was not the first time the convict was found there.

Kashiwa entered the premises by climbing over perimeter wall an officer found him organising himself to start cooking.

Magistrate Simachela said there was need to punish the convict as his behavior was so strange and suspicious that he left public places like the University Teaching Hospital and Intercity Bus Terminus and only to go at the Vice-President’s house.

The magistrate however exercised maximum leniency as Kashiwa is a first offender who readily admitted the charge.

The three-month sentence is with effect from the day of arrest.