The Lusaka Magistrates’ Court has revoked former Ministry of Health Human resource officer Henry Kapoko’s bail for tempering with exhibits in one of his corruption cases.

On Wednesday, the ACC arrested and remanded Kapoko pending revocation of bail hearing for allegedly tampering with evidence.

In this case, Kapoko and 12 others are facing 20 counts of theft by public servant involving over K6.8 million.

The suspects are also facing 49 counts of money laundering involving 24 vehicles, two lodges, three houses, filling station and several bank accounts, among other charges.

When the matter came up yesterday, Kapoko begged the court to allow him to seek medical attention as he had a heart condition.

Kapoko said during his arrest and subsequent detention on Wednesday afternoon, his blood sugar levels escalated and blood pressure shot up as such he needed to be checked by a specialist doctor as the prisons do not have a specialist and had no medication for his BP.

The accused told the court that he was not fit to proceed with the bail revocation hearing as he was unwell.

He wondered what he has done for the state to start questioning him in spite of his health status.

But the state objected to Kapoko’s application saying he made his BP shoot because he knew that the case was coming up.

The state also observed that there was no evidence in terms of documentation that Kapoko was unwell.

However, magistrate Exornobet Zulu directed the state to allow Kapoko seek medical attention, preferably at the University Teaching Hospital and adjourned the matter to 14:00 yesterday.

When court resumed, Kapoko informed the court that the tests which were conducted were inconclusive and he had to go back for more evaluation.

The matter was adjourned to today and when it came up, Kapoko admitted tampering with a house and land worth K1.2 million.

The accused said he acted foolishly because he created another problem in trying to safe guard his interests.

Kapoko told the court that he got a loan using the house, in which he resides, as collateral despite its ownership being in question in this case.

He testified that the money lender tried to change the ownership of that house with the Ministry of Lands behind his back.

“I what I did was foolish on my part. Since I had the title deed, I had pressure that I had to sort out, bills relating to properties before you…the only way I could settle the bill was to borrow since I have no stable income. I am at your mercy,” said Kapoko.

Kapoko also admitted tampering with some land worth K1.2 million in Lusaka’s Roma area.

In his ruling, Magistrate Exonorbit Zulu revoked Kapoko’s bail saying he did not know any cure for Kapoko’s stupid actions

The court also observed that there was no guarantee that if bail was not revoked, Kapoko would not interfere with exhibits and evidence.

He said complications on the third parties who were involved in the tempering of exhibits were as a result of Kapoko’s foolish and stupid actions.

Magistrate Zulu also ordered the Anti-Corruption Commission to secure the properties and exhibits to be reinstated in their order.

The ACC has also been given a two-week ultimatum in which to make a report to the senior clerk of court to see if the order will be complied with.