A 16-year-old boy has pleaded not guilty to a charge of rape and aggravated robbery.

This is in a matter in which the boy, who was acting together with Zambia National Soccer team head coach George Lwandamina’s son Mofya; who committed suicide, allegedly tied, beat and raped the victim who sustained multiple cuts on the neck and chest.

When the case came up, Tuesday, Lusaka magistrate Albert Mwaba separated the charge of attempted murder from the two charges and the juvenile took plea, denying the allegations.

Both parents of the accused were present in court.

The accused, who is a grade 10 pupil, is alleged to have been armed with a knife on December 22, 2017, stole a Microsoft Lumia cell phone valued at K7,500 the property of Stella Ngoma and or immediately before or after did use or threaten to use actual violence to the said person in order to obtain Or retain the property or overcome resistance from it being stolen.

In the second count, the accused on December 22, 2017 jointly and whilst acting together with others unknown had unlawful carnal knowledge of the victim who is 25 years old.

However, his accomplice Mofya committed suicide by consuming a poisonous substance.

The juvenile will take plea for attempted murder before magistrate Mwake Mikalile.