The Director of Public Prosecutions has issued consent to prosecute the matter in which civil rights activist Laura Miti and five others are charged with disobeying lawful orders.

Miti, who is jointly charged with Patriots for Economic Progress leader Sean Tembo, musician Fumba Chama, IT consultant Bonwel Mwewa, program specialist Lewis Mwape and free consultant Mika Mwambazi, could not take plea due to the absence of four other accused persons.

When the case was called before principal resident magistrate Mwaka Mikalile, Monday, a state prosecutor noted that only two accused persons were present.

In his response, defense lawyer Keith Mweemba told the court that his clients were not aware and no one informed him about the case.

Magistrate Mikalile then adjourned the matter to January 29 for plea.

The six were arrested for demonstrating against the purchase of 42 fire tenders by government at a sum of US$42 million each.