Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) Director General Mary Tshuma has discontinued her petition in the Lusaka High Court to dissolve her one year-old marriage.

Tshuma had filed a divorce petition in court on May 23, 2018 to dissolve her marriage with her husband Kudakwashe Tshuma, of Beam of Hope International Ministries pastor, saying he was in a habit of threatening to kill himself and had affairs with a number of women.

But in a notice of discontinuance filed in the Lusaka High Court, June 6, Tshuma disclosed that she had decided to wholly discontinue the petition.

“Take notice that the petitioner wholly discontinues the petition against the Respondent,” read the notice.
Earlier, Tshuma had stated in her divorce petition that her husband had numerous inappropriate affairs with a number of women and that when confronted once, he became physical and threatened to kill himself.

She had further stated that her husband had attempted to drink Omo bleach and tried to throw himself into the swimming pool at their home in full view of neighbours and the house guard.

She stated that on March 17, 2018, after arriving home from a trip a day earlier than expected, she overheard her husband enticing another woman on phone while masturbating.

Tshuma further stated that when she walked into the bedroom, her husband became confused and dumbfounded and when she confronted him, he claimed that the woman was his ex-girlfriend.

She stated that she moved out of the bedroom to the spare-bedroom and a week later her husband confronted her and grabbed her official phone and violently broke it.

“The petitioner ran outside the house but the respondent pursued the petitioner with intent to beat or assault her in full view of the maid, guard and neighbours,” read the petition.

“The respondent has also had other inappropriate associations with other women such as Chiyedza from Zimbabwe, Nacky of Mandahill, Hellen Mpanza, Sharon, Nolly and Maureen. Upon being confronted about his relationship with these women the respondent always became physical or threatens to kill himself.”

Tshuma however disclosed that the threats by her husband to kill himself caused her anguish and mental distress on account that her previous husband had committed suicide.

She further stated that her husband was also confrontational with her children from her previous marriage and as such they lived in fear.

Tshuma added that her husband was also unfaithful with money.

She had hoped that the court dissolved the marriage with each party bearing their respective costs, but she has since withdrawn the petition.