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NAPSA sues Technical Management Board for late payment of workers’ contributions

National Pension Scheme Authority (NAPSA) has dragged Lusaka Business and Technical Management Board to court for late payment of workers’ contributions, demanding the sum K576,204, in respect of penalty arrears.

In a statement of claim filed in the Lusaka High Court, August 7, NAPSA stated that they were mandated by law to collect monthly statutory contributions from contributing employers at the end of each month.

They further stated that if a contribution was not paid within the stated timeframe, such a payment would attract a 20 percent cumulative penalty for each month.

NAPSA alleged that the defendant had been remitting monthly contributions late and as a result had accumulated debt in form of penalty arrears amounting to K576,104.

They stated that despite several reminders, the defendant had failed to pay the sum due.

“The plaintiff will aver that the defendant has been remitting monthly contributions late and as a result, accumulated debt in form of penalty arrears amounting to K576,104.48. By letter demand dated July 26, 2017, the plaintiff demanded the settlement of the said sums owing and due. The plaintiff will aver at trial that despite several reminders and letters to ensure the defendant’s mandatory compliance with the law, the defendant has failed to pay K576,104.48 now due to the plaintiff,” read the statement of claim.

They now claim for K576,104.48 in respect of penalty arrears as a result of late payment of contributions, interest on the claimed sum, damages, costs and other reliefs the court may deem fit.


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