A Lusaka law firm, Central Chambers, has sued former Vubwi MMD member of parliament Eustarckio Kazonga in the Lusaka High Court for failing to settle over K300,000 in legal fees.

Dr Kazonga allegedly instructed the law firm in September, 2011, to represent him in an election petition, but has so far only paid K70,000 of the fees, leaving a balance of K380,000.

In a statement of claim filed in Lusaka High Court, Central Chambers stated that in or about September, 2011, Dr Kazonga instructed the firm to represent him in an election petition in which his election as MP for the said Vubwi Constituency was being challenged.

The firm stated that upon receipt of the instructions, the parties proceeded to agree on the fee scale to be applicable and he was represented in the High Court and Supreme Court where the matter was eventually disposed of.

They stated that Dr Kazonga was rendered a bill amounting to K450,000, but that he had only paid K70,000, leaving an outstanding balance of K380,000.

The law firm stated that Dr Kazonga had ignored all reminders to pay the remaining amount.

“Despite several written reminders requesting him to liquidate his indebtedness to the plaintiff, the defendant has ignored, neglected or failed to and still continues to ignore, neglect or fail to pay the said sum,” read the statement of claim.

They stated that the firm had suffered loss and damage as a result.

The firm is now claiming payment of K380,000 being money due and payable to them as legal fees for the services rendered to Dr Kazonga at his own request and insistence.

They are further claiming for interest on the sum at the short-term bank deposit rate from the date of writ of summons to date of judgement and, thereafter, at the long-term lending rate until final settlement, costs and any other relief that the court may deem fit.