The Lusaka Magistrates’ Court has placed a 38-year-old man of George Compound on his defence for allegedly sexually abusing his seven year-old biological son.

This followed testimony from a medical doctor at UTH Paediatric Hospital who told the Court that after the boy reported to her that his father used to abuse him, she proceeded to examine him and discovered rash on his genitals and anus, which was as a result of the alleged abuse.

This is a matter where Victor Mukuka is charged with one count of unnatural offence, but had pleaded not guilty before Magistrate Nsunge Chanda last year.

Particulars of the offence allege that Mukuka, on dates unknown but between January and May 10, 2018, Lusaka, had unlawful carnal knowledge of his seven year-old son against the order of nature.

And when the matter came up for continuation of trial, Tuesday, Bupe Musonda, a 35 year-old medical doctor at UTH Paediatric Hospital informed the Court that she was working at the paediatric centre when the seven year-old victim in the company of a well-wisher, reported to her that he had been sexually abused by his father.

“He mentioned that his biological father had been having anal sex with him and that most recent episode was the night before. The boy [further] mentioned that he had never been to school and that his mother’s whereabouts were not known,” Dr Musonda narrated.

She explained that she went further to examine the boy’s genitals and the anus to look for injuries, but there was nothing.

She said she only found rash on his anus and genitals.

“We only found that he had rash on his buttocks and scrotum. We took a series of tests. We did HIV test, syphilis, hepatitis test and we took him for further examination. It was discovered that he had dermatitis, skin reaction to any foreign substance,” Dr Musonda said.

She told the Court that the rash on the boy’s genitals and anus was evidence of the abuse, adding that for the child to have rash in that area there had to be contact.

Dr Musonda further said other than his father, the child did not mention to her any other person who might have abused him.

In cross examination, the accused asked for evidence to prove that it was him who used to sleep with the child.

In response, Dr Musonda said: “unfortunately, in Zambia, we do not have DNA to determine who, so we use history from the victim and also of witnesses if there are any.”

At this point, the State informed the Court that they were closing their case after calling six witnesses.

And in her ruling, Magistrate Chanda said she was satisfied that the State had established a prima facie case against the accused.

She, therefore, placed him on his defence after finding him with a case to answer.

The accused will open his defence on February 4, this year.