Buntungwa Ward PF councilor Mumba Soko has sued Mulonga Water and Sewerage Company and its employee Boyd Ntalasha in the Lusaka High Court, claiming damages of over K1 million for personal injuries and mental torture after the latter allegedly insulted and beat him up in the presence of his family.

Soko has sued Ntalasha as first defendant and Mulonga Water and Sewerage Company as second defendant.

In a statement of claim filed in the Lusaka High Court, Soko stated that he was a ward councillor in Buntungwa Ward, which fell under Nchanga Constituency.

He stated that some time in September 2018, Nchanga Constituency was experiencing water problems, which compelled Mulonga Water to be distributing water in bulk tanks to residents.

“Mulonga Water and Sewerage Company with the employees would drive the vehicles around the community distributing water at selected points,” read the statement of claim.

Soko claimed that on September 12, 2018 at about 02:00 hours, the company sent a truck to distribute water at Kapenta flats and the said truck was being driven by Ntalasha.

Soko stated that Ntalasha’s decision to allow residents to draw water for only 10 minutes angered the residents as most of them were only working up and had not drawn the water.

He stated that the angry residents went to his house to complain about Ntalasha’s bad decision, seeking his intervention as a ward councillor.

He claimed that despite him approaching Ntalasha in a humble manner to resolve the issue, the defendant became violent towards him and started insulting him in Bemba.

“Iwe ka *** what can you tell us you are just a simple councilor? Ka ***twala kuponona nga tawafume pano (we will beat you up if you don’t leave this place),” read the statement of claim.

Soko stated that he opted to get Ntalasha’s Identity Card and retreated after seeing that the defendant was becoming violent.

He added that Ntalasha then followed him to his house were he entered by force and started beating and insulting him in the presence of his family.

Soko stated that he suffered injuries on his body.

“The plaintiff sustained a bruise on the right side of the tempo cheek, swellings on the right cheek and was bleeding from the nose. He also suffered mental anguish as he has never been embarrassed like that his entire life,” read the statement of claim.

Soko claimed that he spent K10,000 on transport and medical bills.

He is now claiming damages for personal injuries suffered amounting to K250,000, special damages for slander in the sum of K250,000, refund of K10,000 for transport and medical bills, K500,000 punitive damages for mental torture, interest, costs and any other relief.