A 25-year-old Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) church treasurer has been dragged to Court for allegedly stealing church funds of over K100,000.

In this matter, Lwiindi Muvwanga of Kalingalinga is charged with one count of theft by servant.

Particulars of the offence allege that on dates unknown but between April 1, 2017 and 30 August 30, 2018, Muvwanga being a person employed by Kamloops Seventh Day Adventist Church stole K104,142 cash, property of the said employer.

The accused is expected to appear before Lusaka magistrate Amie Masoja on Monday June 24, for plea.

Allegations are that, that the elder in charge , Frederick Mbiiza received a phone call from another elder who is also a signatory to the Church bank account, informing him that authorities from the bank wanted to know if he authorized a transfer of church money to a personal bank account belonging to Muvwanga.

Mbiiza was surprised because he never issued such instruction to Muvwanga.

He then phoned a senior treasurer of the church to confirm the transfer of funds to Muvwanga’s personal account.

When the senior treasurer collected bank statements, he learnt that K200,000 was supposed to be transferred in Muvwanga’s account.

The senior treasurer noticed that there were irregularities regarding bank transaction.

When the elder Mbiize called for a meeting, Muvwanga allegedly confessed having withdrawn the money.

He told them that he wanted to invest the money in business, make profit and refund it.

The matter was investigated and the suspect was apprehended and charged for the offence.