A 26-year-old Ndola man has appeared in the Magistrates’ Court for forcing his two-year-old stepson to suck his manhood.

The boy’s mother has narrated to the court how her husband forced the child to swallow his sperms for him to get rich.

The 20-year-old woman said her husband had joined the illuminati group which told him to get into a covenant for him to be rich.

This is in a case in which Philemon Bwalya, 26, is charged with unnatural offence contrary to the laws of Zambia.

Particulars are that on July 13, 2019 victim’s mother left the child in the custody of her husband and when she returned, she found sperms on her child’s mouth and on his clothes.

When the matter came before court, the child’s mother told the court that this was not the first time her husband did that to her son.

She said the first incidence was when they stayed in Kapiri Mposhi where he forced the boy to suck his manhood.

She said after finding suspected sperms on her child’s mouth and clothes, she called her relatives, who confronted her husband.

The victim’s mother said her husband told her relatives that he was under the instructions from the illuminati to make a covenant by making his wife’s son to suck his manhood so that he can be rich.

“During the meeting, he said he was making a covenant with my son so that he can be rich. I had left home for work around 09:00 hours and when I came back home, I found my son sleeping with sperms in his mouth,” she said.

She said after her husband’s confession, her family, led by her elder sister Beatrice Mulunga apprehended him and reported to Jarcaranda Police.

And a family member, Mirriam Mwachata also narrated that her brother in marriage confessed that he was told by the illuminati to kill four people; his younger sister, his brother, and his wife’s first child.

He said after the plan failed to work, the illuminati allegedly told him to have a covenant with his step son.

She said Bwalya made his confession before four family members.

Mwachata said he begged family members not to report the matter to the police, promising to pay them money for taking the child for “healing”.

Ndola magistrate Monica Mutinta then adjourned the matter to August 19, 2019 when the two-year-old boy will testify in chambers.