A LUSAKA woman has dragged her ex-husband to the Lusaka High Court claiming payment of K148,000 as damages for losses caused to her during their marriage.

Lydia Kunda, who has sued Clinton Mwale, claims that while they were married, the defendant allegedly stole K15,000 from her handbag and further got money that she borrowed from a friend without her consent.

She stated that she had suffered loss as a result of his conduct, and claims an order of payment of K148,000 damages, interest and costs.

In a statement of claim filed in the Lusaka High Court, May 21 this year, Kunda explained that she and Mwale once lived as husband and wife, but were now divorced.

She further stated that Mwale on two different occasions borrowed money from a money lender amounting to K130,000 and that he used her vehicle as collateral without her consent.

Kunda stated that she had to pay K130,000 in order to save her vehicle from being sold by the lender when Mwale failed to pay back.

She further claimed that Mwale also stole K15,000 from her handbag during their marriage.

Kunda added that Mwale also got K3,000, which she borrowed from a friend without her consent.

She stated that she had asked Mwale on several occasions to pay her money back, but he had refused.

“The plaintiff has made several demands to have the money paid back but to no avail,” read the statement of claim.

Kunda lamented that as a result of Mwale’s conduct, she had suffered loss and now claims an order for payment of the monies demanded.