KABUSHI PF member of parliament Bowman Lusambo has sued a woman claiming to be his baby mama, seeking damages, an apology and an order for a DNA test to be conducted.

Lusambo has sued Matongo Cowham in the Lusaka High Court.

According to a statement of claim, Lusambo stated that Cowham, in September this year, published through a video footage circulated on Facebook by Prime TV and other online media houses to the effect that he had been in a relationship with her for about eight years and had fathered three children with her.

He stated that the defendant who also claimed that she was expecting another child of his, stated that he had abandoned her and their children.

The Kabushi MP stated that the words or sentiments expressed in the said video in their ordinary meaning meant or were understood to mean that he was an adulterer who had committed adultery for the last eight years, and further that he had engaged in sexual activity with Cowham on several occasions resulting in him fathering four children who he had abandoned and was thus irresponsible.

Lusambo lamented that the said sentiments were injurious to his reputation more so that he was a public figure.

“The words contained in the said video footage were published and continue to be published to a wide population as the video was found to be sensational and thus it went viral. The said sentiments were maliciously published by the defendant with her full knowledge that they are unfounded, false and injurious to the plaintiff’s reputation,” he stated.

Lusambo is therefore seeking damages for libel, exemplary damages, a retraction and an apology of the statements in question.

He is further seeking an order for a DNA test to be conducted.