THE Director of Public Prosecutions has entered a nolle prosequi in favour of seven of the eight UPND supporters who were accused of killing two PF youths in Lusaka’s Kanyama Township.

However, one of the eight accused persons, Samsom Mumba, is still facing the murder charges

Meanwhile, there was massive jubilation from the accuseds’ sympathisers after word went round that the seven had been discharged after the State entered a nolle prosequi.

When the matter came up yesterday for trial, a state prosecutor informed the court that the matter was scheduled for a continuation of trial but the State had withdrawn the matter through a nolle prosequi in respect of seven accused persons.

The prosecutor however informed the court that in the case of the first accused person, Mumba, the state was seeking an adjournment to the nearest possible date for continuation of trial.

Lusaka High Court judge Charles Zulu who was handling the matter discharged the seven but informed them that a nolle prosequi was not an acquittal as they could be re-arrested.

Mumba remains detained as he is still facing the charges.

In this matter, the eight UPND supporters were charged with the murder of two PF supporters after allegedly raiding a PF campaign centre in Kanyama township on July 30, 2021.

The accused persons were; Samson Mumba, Kelvin Banda, John Mwanza, Njekwa Puteho, Reuben Nalikana, Mwendalubi Namushi and John Bwalya, while two of the accused persons are juveniles.

The accused persons were charged with two counts of murder, but they pleaded not guilty.

It was alleged that the eight on July 30, 2021 in Lusaka, jointly and whilst acting together, murdered Danny Kasongo, a PF member.

It was also alleged that the eight on the same day jointly and whilst acting together murdered Davies Kabunda, also a PF member.