AMOS Chanda’s wife, Mable, has told the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court that as far as she is concerned, there was no use of insulting language when Anti-Corruption Commission officers searched the couple’s bedroom and that nobody was obstructed.

Magistrate Makalicha recently found Chanda, his wife Mable and sister-in-law Ruth Mulenga, with a case to answer in the matter in which they are charged with three counts of using insulting language and obstructing Anti-Corruption Commission officers.

When the matter came up for opening of defence, Monday, Mable recalled that on October 27, 2021, her husband arrived at their home on Elm Road, Woodlands, with a group of people who she was told were ACC officers.

She said the officers went straight to their bedroom and started searching it.

Mable said the officers left the bedroom turned upside down and left.

She said she remained in the house and started putting things in order and did not know where the officers were headed to.

Mable said she did not know whether her sister Ruth and her husband insulted and obstructed the officers when conducting their duty because she was not part of the search which was done at the neighbour’s house (her sister Brenda’s house).

Asked by one of the defence lawyers, Joseph Chirwa, whether there was any use of insulting language during the search, Mable responded in the negative.

“I can’t remember that. There was no use of insulting language. There were no insults used. There was no such incident at all of insulting words being used,” she said.

In cross examination, Mable denied using demeaning words against the officers.

Asked if she was present when the other house was being searched, Mable said she was not there.

When cross examined by another ACC prosecutor, Mable said her husband was in an okay mood when he arrived home with a group of people on the material day of the search.

Defence continues on May 3, 2022.

In the first count, it is alleged that Chanda, on October 27, last year, in Lusaka used insulting language on the officers from ACC namely; Friday Tembo, William Chilufya and Christopher Siwakwi in due execution of their duty to which he said ‘idiots’, ‘you criminals’ and other words to that effect, conduct likely to give provocation to the said officers so as to cause the said officers to break the peace or commit an offence.