ROSES are red, violets are blue. If he was busy on Valentine’s Day, the side chick is you!

Roses are red violets are blue. If your maid dressed in red but didn’t go out, her Valentine was within the House

As for me, Valentine’s Day is the day when the “V” and “D” come together to create Vows and Disappointments (wink!).

But to veteran politicians like Vernon Mwaanga, the only things they wanted to see come together throughout the Valentine’s week was the “P” and “A” so that people can form Political Alliances, get it?

Vernon MWAANGA: “Our political parties will have to come together to build political alliances to overcome this constitutional requirement of 50 per cent plus one. Political parties and leaders who do not accept this reality and who indulge in the tragedy of pride will kiss the political dust and end up in heroic failure.”

Well, think again Mr veteran politician because somebody says that’s nonsense.

Edith NAWAKWI: “I cannot be anyone’s running mate. People look around and say which party is winning and that is the party that everybody goes to. These alliances you see are not genuine. It’s tie for a woman to lead this country. I have been through a lot of humiliation and I will not take this nonsense. If I lose the elections, there is 2021; I will only retire when another woman is raised to take over.

Oh! Thank you, madam president. I think our women can actually use a female president in State House so that she can declare this Valentine’s Day an official holiday for them, not just a day when their Vows meet Disappointments (wink!).

And make no mistake, the women are giving her the support, alright? Which I think is the reason she will kiss VJ’s political dust (that sounds wrong but it’s okay Mr VJ, you know what I mean).

NAWAKWI: “FDD is working closely with NGOCC and other women organisations. We are working out an amicable arrangement where we can get the same support that they gave us in 2015 for this August 11 elections.

Eish! Maybe it’s just me, but this woman-for-woman campaign strategy makes me, and a few frank men out there, feel we may be doing a woman’s job voting for her. Maybe that’s why comrade Antonio Mwanza’s voice is getting smaller nowadays – and his Vows are getting Deep! Wink!

That’s it for today