IF it was my sister Dora Siliya squeezing my President’s love pimple, or caressing his whiskers in public, you would have heard the haters yapping.

But since it’s Sylvia Masebo doing it on Mr Hakainde Hichilema who is lustfully trying to remove my President from office, no one is saying mfyo mfyo! Come on people, this is not fare.

And don’t think my sister did not see this picture, she saw it, and she was wondering just like me.

DORA Siliya on Facebook: “Hello friends, the Journalist in me can’t help coming out sometimes… When the picture above was sent to me I thought it was a joke. However I could not understand what Masebo would have been trying to do to HH. Talk about a different kind of blessing.”

Yeah my sister, what kind of blessing is this? Our President would never steal an MP from another political party and abuse her for squeezing a love pimple, unless that MP wants to use a love pimple to get to the top. Wink!

Anyway, life sucks! What people condemn you for is no big deal when others do it. Take Dr Canisius Banda for example. Two vice-presidents have left UPND under Mr HH, and both Mr Francis Simenda and Richard Kapita chewed PF money. But when poor Dr Banda tries to do the same thing, he is a desperate opportunist.

How can any normal person call genius Dr Banda, a desperate opportunist after all what he has done for this country? Don’t forget people, apart from saving lives, this is the man who kept the Ministry of Health together in the eyes of the public in 2009 during the historic countrywide strike by health workers.

Of course, after working for all those many years in a key ministerial position, Dr Banda never built a house and is still struggling to rent one today. But that’s why you have to admire Dr Banda’s intelligence.

Genius Dr Banda knew that with the reduced life expectancy in Zambia, there was no way he was going to finish his doctorate, start building a house and finish while still alive and even become Republican vice-president in one life.

That’s it for today