MY brain, if indeed I have any, processes at a very slow speed, so I wondered why most men on Facebook were repeatedly saying “We are BEHIND you Honourable!”

As a matter of fact, if you were left behind on this breaking behind news, here is why these men wanted to be behind Dora.

DORA Siliya: “One young lady came to me and said, ‘how do you manage in politics with all these insults, they have just written on the Internet that Dora always uses her back power to get to the top’, and I said well, why would you be using your back power to get to the bottom? I mean, really, if it is possible to use my back power to get to the top, why are you using yours to get to the bottom?”

Once again, my brain processes at a speed much slower than Honourable Kambwili’s, so again I wasn’t sure of the Internet story which this poor girl and her mentor were talking about, so I googled:

WATCHDOG: “President Edgar Lungu frequently sneaks out of State House to spend almost all the evenings drinking beer and then goes to spend long nights at energy minister Dora Siliya’s residence along Independence Avenue near State House, sometimes returning into State House around 05:00 hours in the morning. Even official wife Esther Lungu knows about this.”

Of course it’s common to get wrong results on the Internet, so maybe I got it wrong, but whatever that story was, people were upset with Dora’s motivation to the young lady.

Dixon CHITANI: “Why did you tell the young girl not to use her back power to get to the bottom? The question was how can a woman manage insults and violence in politics?

Suwilanji KASANDA: “The lesson here madam should be that by virtue of your current standing in society, you have lost your right to just utter sentiments anyhow.”

Chix CHILUSA: “It was as if you endorse the use of bottom power to get to the top.”

Dora was not happy that people misunderstood her, so she took to Facebook to explain that she did not use her powerful back, I mean her back, to become powerful.

SILIYA: “Yesterday we had a great women’s conference focusing on young women in politics. In my speech I said one girl asked how I handle being accused of using my back power to get to the top. I just said, ‘If I can use my back power to get to the top, then why would you use yours to get to the bottom’. And as usual idol minds want to misrepresent the context in which I said what I said.

Maybe I am the only IDOL mind she is referring to, because to me it sounds like Dora was confirming that, if at one point you pulled a middle finger at a group of men and later one of them approaches you with a Patriotic Front, you must respond with a Patriotic Behind. After all, mwanakazi nimatako!

That’s it for today