IS IT possible that one can suffer brain drain within the head ai? Because I think that is what is happening to Honourable Vincent Mwale.

You know what I mean, like your brain shifts from one side used for thinking and settles on the other side used for talking, then you have a situation where your mouth starts announcing things you haven’t processed yet.

Let me explain.

Vincent’s brains have all along been the pride of Eastern Province; ask anybody who has ever had a conversation with the sports minister; they will tell you that I am not lying.

Even in high school they called Vincent “the brain shaker” because it was his job to shake the hell out of everybody’s brain, including the teachers’.

Vincent would ask brilliant political questions like: “Teacher, if Kenneth Kaunda was the president of the Zambian Africa National Congress and only defected to UNIP later, where is the gentleman who founded UNIP because that’s the guy we should be talking about here.”

And the ignorant teacher would be like: “Is that right Vincent? You think I am just going to spoon-feed you the answers huh! No kids, that’s not how I teach, so thanks to Vincent, the rest of you class I want you to go and research and find out; ‘who founded UNIP.’

That’s how sharp this youthful minister called Vincent Mwale is, so I was shocked to hear his mouth misfiring after that blackout episode at Heroes Stadium.

VINCENT Mwale: “Zesco definitely has to apologise to the Head of State and all of us. We want an explanation into what caused the black out. Once we learn that it is something that could have been avoided, something that was simple, then they owe the country an apology. But for now what we really want is an explanation because they gave us an assurance. Such situations should be avoided because we even had the Head of State there.”

In case you have been out of the country Vincent my friend, stop wasting your time with Zesco – I will bring you up to speed.

Henry KAPATA: “The rainfall pertain in the last three years has been quite unfavourable and as a result of that, the water levels at Lake Kariba have reduced causing failure for the Zesco generators to transmit power to all parts of the country, including Heroes Stadium.”

You hear that Vincent? At the moment, from 06:00 hours to 18:00 hours, your mother in Chipangali only has electricity for four hours. So stop complaining about the five minutes load-shedding at the stadium on behalf of my President.

How about yourself apologising to the poor residents of Mandevu and other fans who sacrificed their hard earned kwacha – valueless as it may be – to go and watch the game?

If you can use some advice Vincent boi, leave such statement to those who are good at sounding stupid like Mumbi Phiri and Chishimba Kambwili.

That’s it for today