YOU know that the murder his son committed really hit him hard if he couldn’t even remember one flamboyant word when police picked him up for questioning.

But don’t lose hope; George Mpombo never lets people down, so lets hear it from him one more time.

George MPOMBO: “He is my son yes, but he has embellished an abysmal, iniquitous delinquency and the law should take its trajectory. No one’s spawn should be imperiled to such a quietus. I cannot countenance this iniquitous by slaying that brings sanctity of life into opprobrium. It is one of the furthermost arduous and horrendous junctures of my life as a progenitor. I was not sentient that he stole my cannon and started using the artillery for such an abysmal uxoricide. He has no veracious autonomy to take someone’s sentience creation, surely. I was not even versed in that he was materializing before the constabularies for investigations.”

Anyway, jokes aside. George Mpombo junior killed his girlfriend after she told him that she was pregnant.

He stole a gun from his father, used it to stage a robbery at a filling station, according to police, and after the attempt failed, his girlfriend told him that she was pregnant and he put a bullet in her – you know what.

I thought the lesson here was that, girls should assess when to break the news to their boyfriends. You can’t just yell out the ‘missing’ word and expect him to kiss you! The fool was probably just trying out his gun for the first time, so he is bound to use his father’s gun if you scare him.

Why not lead him to the firing range again, and while he is about to pull the trigger, break the news! He won’t kill you, or if he does he won’t use his fathers gun.

But actually, I don’t think that’s the real lesson from this story, I think the true teaching is that parents, if we want to look like movie serial killers, we should never name our children Junior.

If my father who named me Junior, looks like Adamson Mushala and talks like a girl, disowns me like that when police arrest me for murder, I would make sure there was one more bullet remaining.

That’s it for today