AM I the only one who feels that our chief metrologist Jacob Nkomoki and his entire weather team needs to get a life?

These guys are so unreliable and bad with predictions. They are so ignorant about tomorrow’s weather to an extent that they actually have to leave their office air cones running, just in case it get’s too hot tomorrow.

Nobody listens to them anyway, and their number one enemy is the Zambia Air Force, followed by the farmer.

Try watching them on TV this evening and see if you will make sense from the stuff they will be talking about.

“Dry easterly winds characterized by moist air flowing from North to South will affect most parts of the country for the remaining week. Temperatures will range from highs of 32°C in the morning and afternoons are expected to be around 20°C. General atmosphere is expected to be partly cloudy to cloudy with clear sunshine as we get towards Sunday.”

As we get towards Sunday? What the hell is towards Sunday? You mean Saturday? Then why don’t you just say so, Mr Nkomaki?

Nobody makes any sense out of your staff sir; general atmosphere will be partly cloudy to cloudy with sunshine and traces of showers are expected to be recorded in some parts of the country – So it will be partly cloudy to very cloudy, at the same time sunshine with traces of rain, and this is expected to be uniform for the whole week? How?

These guys, what’s her name that lady? Peggy Thole Zulu is it? She can even proudly tell you on TV: “We will be back on Wednesday when we record some more weather.” LOL

And these are the guys we should depend on for our global warming response plan?

Even you ZAF also, why do you listen to these guys. I can’t trust our metrological department with my kite for goodness sake.

If they were any good with predicting weather patterns, Victor Mundende would not be apologising to my President for the Heroic stadium stunt that Zesco pulled the other week.
In case you think I am being too mean on Nkomaki, check this out:

BBC: “The next two years will be the hottest on record globally and this will be caused by a major El Nino event which is in play in the Pacific. It is expected to heat the world overall, a situation which could increase drought risk in Southern Africa, East Asia and the Philippines. Unless there’s a big volcanic eruption, it looks very likely that globally 2014, 2015 and 2016 will be among the very warmest years ever recorded.”

Do you know what Nkomaki had to say to this?

Jacob NKOMAKI: “We will have to relook at our models in light of the newly released research by the UK meteorology office. But our forecast for the periods October to April 2016 shows that the country will have normal to below normal rainfall.”

You know how funny, Mr Nkomaki, that sounds? It’s like Rosewin Wandi saying, “Well we have heard about the FIFA corruption scandal concerning Sepp Blatter, but we will have to do our own investigations to see if the American’s got it right.” Smh.

I don’t think I would be too far from the truth to speculate that the increased cases of ZAF planes and helicopters crashing is as a result of poor weather recordings being fed to our Air Force.

Anyway, madam Tole is just an insult to our weather expectations.

That’s it for today

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