Whoever is circulating this audio mocking HH in prison is a genius because it’s difficult to disagree with his speculation.

Just in case you missed what some creative human being had to say about HH’s stay in prison, take a listen:


True though. If I were a prisoner, I would also prefer to have GBM as my cellmate, not HH with his penguin hands. But I only have one question: what happened to showing compassion for the aggrieved?

I know HH acted foolishly trying to overthrow my President using his driving licence, and you can’t exactly blame him for that because, let’s face it, Aisha is only as smart as he dresses. I mean, if HH was wise, he would have listened to what Rev Pukuta Mwanza said that President Edgar Lungu was appointed by God.

Indeed, like every wise man from the East, Rev Pukuta Mwanza is right because sometimes God gives us stupid leaders so that death doesn’t come at such a disappointment.

But my question remains: do we have the right to mock the incarcerated?

For example, how cruel does someone have to be to mock Mr Kiss Mukata and his girlfriend aka his wife, over the murder of a security guard?

No doubt. This case is the most confusing threesome, which not even the greatest telenovela writers have ever pictured. Because we hear that the man had knowledge that his woman was having carnal knowledge elsewhere without his knowledge, then the security guard was stopping him from demanding carnal knowledge using a gun, and now no one has knowledge about how the poor man died. Really confusing isn’t it? But we surely don’t have the right to mock the incarcerated.

That’s why if we had a sober police force, I would have asked the Inspector General to find this sadist, cold-blooded and heartless citizen who is mocking HH so that he can be brought to book. But the police are either too drunk to work or they are busy shooting bus drivers, and the IG doesn’t even rely on them anymore.

Kakoma KANGANJA: “The Zambia Police Service is offering a K100,000 reward to any person or persons with information that would lead to the arrest of a fugitive Fanwell Siandenge, who is on a wanted list for the offence of aggravated robbery.”

Really Mr IG? You want civilians to help you capture a former Commissioner of Police? What are you paid for? Recording State House phone calls?

And while we are still talking about the men and women in uniform, I think Police need to drop this “woman” disclaimer in their ranks. It worked when police officers were so ugly because you wouldn’t distinguish a man from a woman.

That time, it was proper for an officer on parade to shout, “I am constable Zunga Siakalima Sir!” And if the next officer didn’t say, “I am WOMAN sergeant Libongani”, you wouldn’t know if they belonged to the “he” or “she” pronoun.

But today, times have changed in the police force. When you look at a female cop, you wish she doesn’t stop at impounding your car only… you know what i mean?

But maybe there are still some officers who need to introduce themselves as “WOMAN Superintendent Mwaata-Katongo”, I am really not sure.