Sunday Chanda my young man, do not fight other people’s battles and do not get your fingers dirty just because you want to keep that Mazda Van you were given from State House, remember the days Frank Bwalya chased you, you looked like your life had come to an end, you are a nobody in President Lungu’s eyes so if I were you I would stop getting ahead of myself, without the PF feeding you from hand to mouth you would be on the streets. Don’t think you are special because you have a small portfolio and your prowess at insulting me has gotten you on the Aviation Board, those appointments are not for life and for your own information the only use you are to President Lungu is to insult me, remember I have had personal conversations with the president and he has nothing good to say about you.

When he says jump all you have to do is say how high, you are a spineless little boy and a mere atom in the political space. Let me do my rantings and if they mean nothing to you just watch, don’t ask me to be quiet when I am talking about real issues of which deep down the bottom of your heart you know are the gospel truth. When your name came up in central committee everyone was upset with the idea of you and insisted on not accepting you to join PF because you were the same person who was insulting President Sata but surprisingly the very person you are insulting today stood up for you and told central committee that forgive the young man and give him a chance, but that is besides the point.

I am not your agemate for you to be disrespecting me on a personal level, you know nothing about PF and that same Scrap metal business you are downplaying helped PF get to where it is today. Don’t be fooled by the glitz and glamour of quick money and inflated portfolios because life will slap you right back in your face, don’t think others have no voice because everyone wants to say something but those who we suffered with know exactly what we went through and that’s why they have remained mute because what is happening today is unbearable. You must always ask yourself if Chishimba Kambwili can be mistreated what makes little unknown Sunday Chanda indispensable? Emulate Dr Jonas Chanda a man of integrity and direction, do not look at Chanda Chimba and draw inspiration from it. Mind you you are supposed to be mourning your dear brother, whilst your brother lays in the mortuary all you can think about is attacking Chishimba Kambwili so that your board position can remain secure. What a terrible heart you have young man and I feel sorry for your elders. Sometimes put politics behind and respect the mourning period don’t always think about your belly at the expense of mourning your beloved brother.

I am now in opposition because of people like you misleading the President, which is fine I have no hate towards President Lungu and indeed I wish him the best, but don’t expect me to be quiet over corruption when a 5 year old child can see that the coffers are being looted. I am not fighting President Lungu I am asking him simple questions, don’t threaten me with being bruised or going to jail, I am not scared of anything and if asking questions and offering checks and balances makes you feel like your job is in danger then that’s your own problem. One thing you are forgetting is you are enriching yourselves and forgetting the grassroots, get it from me the grassroots are completely scattered and I know you cannot feel it from your comfortable air conditioned office at the secretariat, you have way more problems than Chishimba Kambwili.

Next time you open that disrespectful mouth of yours I would like some answers.

1. Where did President Lungu get K21 million kwacha in 12 months?

2. Where does President Lungu get K10 million kwacha for marketeers from?

3. Where in the world can you spend $1 million dollars on a basic fire engine?

4. Why did Kampyongo accept 3 brand new vehicles from Grandview?

Answer the questions since you are now the spokesperson for the President. My advise to you young man is not to get ahead of yourself and create enemies all for the sake of another human being, be independent and have some respect. Let me put it on record that this is the last time I am responding to your hogwash.