NORTHERN Province Armature Football Association (NPAFA) has called for the removal of Football Association of Zambia president Andrew Kamanga.

In a statement issued today, NPAFA General Secretary Chimponda Bwalya said Kamanga would have to be removed from his position at this year’s FAZ Annual General meeting for failing to perform.

He said his association arrived at that decision after discussing notices during a council meeting conducted in the Province.

“Following the notice for council meeting and in accordance with Article 26.2 (X) of the Football Association of Zambia constitution, we hereby wish to submit for inclusion of the item on the agenda to be discussed at the coming Annual General Meeting on 25th March, 2017,” Bwalya said.

He said the submission of the agenda item of removing Kamanga from his position to the FAZ council meeting, was in accordance with the FAZ constitution.

“We submit the removal of the FAZ president Mr Andrew Kamanga from office in accordance with Article 28.2(i) and (ii). Details will be made available on the floor of the House,” said Bwalya.