New Monze Swallows coach Fewdays Musonda says he is still hopeful that his side will survive relegation this season. Mr Musonda says he is focusing on making his players understand that surviving relegation is the only way to restoring supporters’ dwindling confidence in them.

Speaking to News Diggers sports, Tuesday, Musonda said that he would get new players that would boost his side to ensure that he wins the remaining games in the FAZ MTN super league. Musonda also said that he had lost capable strikers to other clubs and a gap had been created in his team, hence the unfavourable results he was collecting.

“I have lost four players that I so much relied on when it comes to scoring and the team is still recovering from that,” Musonda said.

And coach Musonda has failed to dispute rumours that attribute the poor performance of his team to lack of motivation.

It has been speculated that New Monze Swallows players do not get any allowances after games and that whatever little is solicited is not given to them on time.

“We are looking at ways of motivating our players so that they stay in high spirits. They should be able to get whatever little we find for them on time because they also have pressing issues in their various homes,” said Musonda.

He also observed that it would not be easy to find enough motivation for players as sponsors would be looking at the current performance of the club.

Meanwhile, soccer analyst Victor Mwiinga highlighted the importance of motivation in footballers. He said it was cardinal that footballers get their dues on time in order for them to carry fewer burdens on their shoulders.