Real Nakonde FC has suspended coach Emmanuel Chimfwembe following revelations by the Football Association that the club used forged cards to fulfil league fixtures.

In a statement, the club distanced itself and expressed ignorance that the scam was happening under their watch, stating that they were not aware of the trick.

“Real Nakonde FC has since suspended Mr. Emmanuel Chimfwembc after the team he led was found in possession with forged cards. The club (Real Nakonde FC) has no hand in this scam and will definitely get to the root of this. Chanda Knox Chikoti; In the case of Chanda Knox Chikoti, the player is dully registered with Real Nakonde FC but it seems they lost the card and instead of asking for a reprint they decided to forge,” read a statement.

“Evans Chama; In the case of Evans Chama, the club cannot tell exactly how and why the technical bench forged but will get to the bottom of’ it. We would like to mention that the said players did not feature in the match against Intersport. We wish to commend FAZ for the fruitful operation which has brought to light the illegal acts our bench did because we wouldn‘t have known. Real Nakonde FC will take further action depending on the investigations on those we will find involved.FAZ reserves the power to further punish the offender if they so wish. Please note that Real Nakonde FC does not allow forgery and is not part of the scam.”

On Monday FAZ unearthed a scam where three division one sides including Real Nakonde, Tazara Rangers and Riverside Football Club used forged cards to play league fixtures.

The association said it would decide the fate of the three clubs today adding that the division one side would further be dealt with by other law enforcement agencies.