Exodus Boxing Academy boxing promotion manager Antony Mwamba revealed yesterday that no money has been raise so far, a month before the world title championship fights that require a whooping K562, 400 to be staged.

Speaking when he addressed the media in Lusaka, Wednesday, Mwamba however expressed optimism that the money would be raised in time for the fight.

The Academy will host a series of fights on 20th of July.

“Our budget is 562, 400. This amount of money comprises of the purse monies, flying the boxers from the USA who will be fighting, also to pay for the sanction fee of WBF super light weight title and WBF light title weight fight. At the bill of this fight we have Simon ‘hitman Ngoma, who will fight Zuba Kitandula from Tanzania for the World Boxing Federation intercontinental light weight title fight. This will be taking place at the government complex on the 20th of July. Simon Ngoma is boasting of having six fights, he has won five fights and lost one. Katandula is coming all the way from Tanzania boasting of 16 fights, he has won 10 fights lost five and drawn one. The main supporting fight will be between WBF light weight champion Alice Mbewe who will be fighting Naomi Bosquiss. Naomi Bosquiss coming all the way from USA Tamper Florida,” he said.

“She is boasting of 28 fights, she has won 11, drawn three, lost 14. Alice is now challenging for the intercontinental title. This is huge. If Alice wins this fight, she will be challenging for the world title. We are calling on all sponsors who supported us on the previous tournament to come on board and support us. We are very confident that we will raise the money because we are in touch with our sponsors. We have already written letters. At the moment there is nothing, no money which we have raised. But we are very much confident that we will raise the money and stage the world title championship. Alice Mbewe just came from amateur ranks she is now the WIBA light weight champion. Exodus boxing we nature the talent, so we are here to sell these boxers so that Zambia can have world champions.”