Veteran Football administrator Simataa Simataa says the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has failed to stop the abuse of authority and funds at FAZ despite having been tipped several times with regards to the issues.

Speaking to Goal Diggers in an interview in Lusaka, Simataa said it is pointless to report matters to the ACC saying the commission is incompetent.

“You know the President was saying the other day that if you see corruption taking place, report it to the commission so that it can be dealt with. He went further and said whistle blowers will be protected if they tip the commission of looming corrupted activities. I said to myself, really, there is a clause in the constitution that protects whistle blowers? It’s not that I don’t know that there is a clause in the constitution. I know but the Anti-Corruption does not protect whistle blowers. When I came across document from FAZ over the alleged abuse of funds, I reported the matter to the ACC, knowing that in that regard I was a whistle blower. And by virtue of being a whistle blower, I was supposed to be penalised by anyone, not FAZ not anyone. But I was banned,” he said.

“FAZ went ahead and banned me even when I did not subscribe to the association. They banned me. That is why is always say that the ACC has failed terribly. There is nothing they are doing. They have failed to protect people they should protect and they have failed to investigate matters brought before them. To date I always ask, how far have you gone with the investigations, the answer is we will keep you update. So, what is the point of report matters to an institution that one, will not look into those matters, two, will not protect the one who has tipped them? Isn’t that failing. This I can tell you, in fact it’s a story for another day but the ACC has failed miserably.”