A WAR of Words between once upon a time national teammates International Master (IM) Andrew Kayonde and Fide Master (FM) Prince Mulenga has ensued on social media after their much-anticipated encounter at the weekend.

On Saturday, Kayonde edged Mulenga 14 – 12 in what was dubbed the Elite Cage match before throwing a jibe at the latter in a cryptic post on social media.

In apparent reference to Mulenga, Kayonde, a six time national champion posted: “Arising amateur can only intimidate a failing master. 14 – 12!”

However, the post appeared to have infuriated Mulenga who responded in a strong worded post on his Facebook wall.

“So yesterday [Saturday], we held a Match which is dubbed the great Rivalry of Zambian Chess in which Mr Kayonde Andrew emerged victorious by just a game winning 14-12 in the end. In the spirit of true sportsmanship, I congratulated him and wished him well in future endeavours. A tribute which was not easy as I was still nursing my wound but sadly, I am waking up to reading him calling me an amateur, a comment I find very immature, stupid and inconsiderate,” Mulenga wrote.

He stated that he would not sit and watch Kayonde vilify his chess prowess.

“Mr Kayonde Andrew, I am not one you can throw stupid comments on and I let you go scot free. As I have said many times, I am in Chess to promote the game and take it to the masses and at no time am I in the game to make unnecessary friendships so if you think I cannot retaliate when you make some funny comments, then you are lying to yourself because I will and I am an expert at that,” Mulenga said. “In case you have a poor memory, this is the first time you have smelled victory against me in two solid years and winning by a whisker is something that is quite shameful for someone who says he can become a Grandmaster.”

And when contacted to clarify his statement, Mulenga said the comments between the two are beyond bunter or rivalry.

Meanwhile, in an interview, Kayonde maintained that Mulenga was a rising amateur.

“I just wanted to make a statement that he is a rising amateur and he has a lot to learn, he still has a lot to learn but he thinks we are equal. No, we are not equals yet,” said Kayonde.

In 2019, Mulenga and Kayonde were part of the national team that represented Zambia at the Africa Chess Championships in Tunis, Tunisia.