SELFISH individuals who do not want to put football first have perpetuated the wrangles that have rocked the soccer fraternity, FAZ presidential aspirant Emmanuel Munaile has charged.

The former Chipolopolo footballer says the misunderstandings would have been dealt with even without FIFA’s involvement if all parties had prioritised football before of self.

“This whole situation has continued because individuals want to emerge winners at the expense of football. It’s selfishness. It’s football that should win, it’s not about Munaile. If we are all interested in football, then let’s put football as a priority. We have to think, what if FIFA says we will not come this year, we will come next year, then what happens? It mean even those of you who don’t want Kamanga in office would have prolonged his stay because of what you are doing,” Munaile said.

He said he was concerned and at pains to witness the status quo of the association’s electoral process which he said was failing to deal with issues conclusively.

“My concern is elections, I’m sure you are aware that I want to be president of the football association. While there are people who are not happy about one or two issues regarding the election, I’m sure they will be straightened out. But my concern is that we are taking longer to have these elections. Yeah, I can assure you that it’s not only frustrating to have to wait this long for the elections which were supposed to be held seven months ago,” Munaile said.

“Everyone is frustrated and it’s painful, even the councillors are frustrated. People were expecting that we would start the 2020/2021 season with a new executive and now we have the same executive running the affairs of the games. And it’s just taken too long. What’s more frustrating is that we were supposed to have a meeting with FIFA on the 1st, and then three weeks down the line, nobody is saying anything, not even FIFA.”

He said it was more frustrating for FAZ to fail to update the nation on the developments regarding the matter.

“And our friends at Football House are equally quiet and they are saying it’s not our fault. And we don’t know what they are doing because they don’t tell anyone but I hope it’s settled sooner. I made so many statements before the aggrieved party said we are not ready to attend the meeting. So immediately they said that, the trajectory changed…And now I still read stories where people say ‘we will still go back to court’ and then I wonder whether we really want football to go forward. The truth of the matter is that football should win, not individuals,” Munaile said.

He added that he had done all he could to win the FAZ elections.

“But for me, I just want to continue talking to people and planning for the future. I think I have done my best. I believe I have done all I could,” said Munaile.