HOME AND FAMILY opens 2022 by wishing all our readers a happy and prosperous 2022. We’re glad you made it this far and it’s our humble expectation that you shall continue to follow this weekly column throughout this brand new year.

In case you’re new to this newspaper, Home and Family is all aboutyou and your family. It’s aimed at sharing with the public some of the useful concepts and parenting skills that could equip them with the understanding, the knowledge and the comfort they need to impart to their children valuable life lessons in manners that could help children to develop the confidence to be focused and assertive, so as to make informed choices and navigate through this fast-paced and ever-changing world.It is intended to make parents more aware of the changes that are taking place every day and the important roles they can play in their children’s lives, and how best they could relate with members of their household to bring out the best in them. The approach is holistic, while targeting children as individuals who have needs and feelings, and who expect respect from parents and other guardians.

Westarted the column with an article entitled The Joys of Parenting,which looked atthe unparalleled pleasure that children give to their parents.We said babies unite a couple and their smiles are therapeutic. We also added that children, as a gift from God, surpass any material trappings that one can ever dream of.

Next was TheChallenges of Parenthood, where we established that in spite of the great joys that parenting brings, it has its own challenges, and we highlighted some of these and said that as children grow older they start demanding independence and this can pose a challenge to some parents. This is when they start to take interest in the opposite sex and if not properly groomed, children may give parents hard times. Lack of sufficient resources may also come in as a hurdle in raising children. But all that was answered by The Economics of Parenting, apiece that looked at what resources we need as parents to adequately raise and provide for our children before they leave home.

Home and Family does not shy away from the realities of life and in Conflicts in the Home we laid bear some of the sticking points in marriage and gave some solutionson how to overcome them.

We also gave some information on family planning and contraceptives and the benefits that these medical interventions offer to interested couples.

Family Timewas a discourse that raised the important aspects of a family having time for each other. We said a family need to deliberately set aside time to be together and share intimacy. As families sit around the table having a meal or telling stories, a lot of important subjects can be discussed and the family bonds together. These valuable times of family togetherness can benefit children now and in future.

So dear reader, this a brief recount of what Home and Family has been about. You haven’t missed much, as you can still log on to diggers.news and catch up with some of these interesting topics.

Going forward in this New Year, we intend to have even more stimulating articles line up for you. To whet your appetite, articles like children and temperaments, table manners, pocket money for children, parenting and religion and many others await you in 2022. So we urge you to get a copy of this newspaper and keep abreast with what is happening around you.

Home and Family believes in you and together we can be better parents and endeavor to raise children who are principled, assertive and focused on their future, and this can be our contribution to this great country.
Happy New Year and prosperous 2022!

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