A primary goal of every society is to improve life, through various means (both structured and unstructured), meeting at one Central Point. The world is divided into continents, and each continent is subdivided into countries, and these countries are further subdivided. Zambia is one of the countries in the world; through African continent. Each country holds a unique position in the world; with adequate means to support and prolong lives of its people. Remember, all these countries, in the world, have the same primary goal and basic needs. For that reason, unique solutions are expected to come from any part of the world. Collective efforts, from all countries, are required in order to see a developed world. This write up, is aimed at reminding Zambians, that Zambia is expected by now, to be poised, to contrive unique world class solutions, through goods and services.

Zambia and The People
Every country has a vision, and in order to realized that vision, viable leadership, management and governance are required. Zambia is a multiparty democracy and a republic; people elect their representatives. The best party wins, through voting and forms government. Each party has a vision, and a vision carrier is expected to have personal power, in the line of excellence and be able to cause alignment, in order to drive the national agenda. Zambia is divided into provinces, districts, sub-districts, wards and sub-wards, for easy management and governance. Unique, world class solutions, are expected to come from any part of Zambia, as long as key players do their part.

The following are key players in governance system of Zambia:
-Politicians – policy and law makers (governance at highest level)
-Policy implementers – producers of goods and services (businesses and specialized solutions)
-Traditional and community leaders – governance at community level
-Religious leaders – for spiritual and morals guidance
-A family – for morals, values, e.t.c. (governance at lowest level)

In order for the country to realized its dream, the alignment must be caused, and be supported by rule of law. This is only possible if the key players are seen to lead by example. Now is time to evaluate the contributions made by these key players.

Current Situation in Zambia
Zambia has a vision of becoming a middle income country by 2030. Remember, it gained its independency in 1964 (57 years – post-independence). Here is what is currently obtaining in Zambia:

Aimless borrowing by the government has landed Zambia in an unbearable debts situation in the last 10 years. Why borrowing in the first place when expected to be a self-reliant and fully-fledged country? Something is wrong somewhere.

There is unacceptable influx of imports. Zambia has no capacity of ensuring the safety of these imports; thereby exposing the citizens to unknown hazards. Why importing instead of producing your own, at a lower cost?

There is unprecedented influx of foreign nationals; most of them do not meet the criteria. Land, businesses, jobs, promotions, properties, and others, meant for locals are now owned and given to these people. Zambians have become second class in their own house.

Majority of Zambian youths are spoiled and not in a position to contribute positively. They are mercenaries. Check this with wanton political violence, hooliganism, thefts and other criminal activities in the country.

Zambian leaders have a foible of failing to walk the talk. Check this with senior government officials and heads of institutions; in both public and private sectors. Illegal instructions are seen to be carried out by technocrats. These technocrats are expected to uphold and protect the truth at all cost.

Secular and sacred matters. In the last 10 years, Zambia has experienced unprecedented increase in number of churches, but negative impact is being recorded. There is serious moral decay in Zambia.

From the above, it’s clear that key players have succeeded in polluting the mindset of Zambians. In a disguised form, Zambians believe in “less work = more gain”. This equation can’t work.

A culture of pretence does not get things done. Currently, Zambia is beset with multiple problems, because of this culture. Most of organizations and business entities in Zambia are scams, and their services and goods are counterfeit, and unsafe for Zambian people. It can be concluded that key players in governance system have failed and therefore; Zambia is a failed state. It means that current knowledge prevailing in Zambia is stunted, and this is the main reason Zambia is failing to produce, unique world class solutions. But, it is not yet over. Below is the away forward:

In order for this new regime to deliver to the expectation of Zambian people, there is need for total restructuring. There is need to overhaul the entire system.

There is need to enhance security, law enforcement and justice systems in order to protect a few state assets and vulnerable citizens from spoiled majority. Currently well behaved and responsible people are outliers in Zambia and they need total protection.

There is need to roll out sensitization programs on various issues such as: Importance of unity, diversity, integrity, ethics, teamwork, hard work, negative effects of dishonest to the nation, e.t.c

Proper monitoring and evaluation systems must be in place to ensure everyone delivers to expectation.

About the Authur
Mukelabai Likezo is Public Health Specialist, a Zambian patriot and an agent for Positive Change.
Contact: 0975192124
[email protected]