A family is a very important single unit of a society. Collective efforts from all families are required in order to lead to a developed society. A home is where family members live; their values, characters and ethics are formed, nurtured and developed. There is a close relationship between a home and a nation. In this write up, the linkage is examined and applied in order to solve some avoidable problems currently faced by Zambians. The intention is to open the eyes of our leaders who are in illusive state of being patriot. It being common worldwide; home is purposively chosen as a model for easy illustration of the point.

For a home to succeed, certain things must be in place: vision, mission, unity of purpose, leadership, rules, teamwork, among others. It means, each family member must contribute towards a common goal and perforce, responsibilities must be assigned to each member; followed by monitoring and evaluation to ensure tasks are completed accordingly. In certain instances, hiring of manpower is required in homes. There are two main instances when that is required, namely: (i) when a specialized skill set and (ii) additional manpower are needed.

– There are goods and services that are important to a home. Things like DSTv, Aircon, stove etc. may require specialized skills to be installed or repaired; which may not be found among family members. As a result, a family is forced to hire a service outside that home. Once the job is done as agreed, payment has to be made, to a service provider and off they go. Terms and conditions apply.

– Depending on the size of the family and other factors, there are times when additional man power may be required. Here, family members are overwhelmed with tasks to be performed. What is needed is to increase the workforce in order to meet the demand (e.g. maids, garden boys, cooks, etc). As a result, a family is forced to import manpower from other homes.

Must Know Facts:

– These people added, into your family, will never be legitimate family members; they are added by circumstance and at a cost. They have their own origin, for that reason, learn to differentiate the distinction with respect.

– All families have the same basic needs. Your first responsibility is to your family; assuming that each family is doing the same. By so doing our society improves.

– Each family has special role to play in society. Collective efforts, from all families, are required in order to see a developed society.
Governing a country is similar to that of running a home, only this time at larger scale. It means, each citizen must contribute towards a common goal. As in the case of the home, there are two main instances when hiring of manpower is required from other countries (expatriates) namely: (i) when a specialized skill set and (ii) additional manpower are required. Remember:

. All countries have the same basic needs and each country has a special role to play in order to see a developed world.

Note: A Gaboon viper and a Puff adder, together is quiet possible; they are both snakes, but not to an extent of forgetting its own, unless the abnormal becomes normal.

It is expected that a person from a foreign nation meets the criteria. Rule of thumb: your citizens must be your first priority in national matters, followed by those hired. Terms and conditions apply.

It is shameful, unthinkable and unacceptable to see a family or a country, failing to make use of its own family members or citizens, when available to its advantage. That is a sign of a failed home or a failed country, and it is not worth existing. Zambia is currently in a failed state. Here is what is prevailing in Zambia:

There is unprecedented increase in number of foreign nationals in Zambia, most of them do not meet the criteria. Land and other vital national assets meant for locals are sold and owned by foreigners. Who is responsible and what is the rationale behind that?
Most of public supply locations (supermarkets and open markets shops) are run by foreign nationals. Where are locals for that to happen?

Most of Jobs and promotions meant for locals, are given to foreign nationals. Where is fairness to Zambian people?

Unacceptable levels of imported goods and services. Who has allowed this to happen in Zambia?

There is no patriotism among Zambian leaders, kindly wakeup from illusive state. Zambians have become second class in their own house. Remember, people added into your country will never be legitimate citizens; they are added by circumstance and at a cost. For that reason, your first responsibility and priority is to your country; assuming that each country is doing the same for positive gain of that country.

The way forward to Zambia situation:

. Total restructuring is a key to restore Zambia to its normal state.
. The details of every citizen must be captured and be monitored (ZamStat).
. All foreign nationals must meet the criteria for them to be in Zambia (MOHA).
. The Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security, ZamStat, and other key players must execute their mandate accordingly.

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