I hate that TV advert showing girls in skin tight pants telling everyone what they use that time of the month. For goodness’s sake, who wants to know what it is you use when only you know what time of the month you need it? Worse still, I don’t like them wriggling their waists in slow motion as they sell their three day per month-use products. For what? Because the advertisers pay them? Please don’t make me stop paying TV levy. Or do we need to bring back the ministry of religious affairs?

Home and Family finds it nauseating telling children what those ads are all about. Please respect our family values!

Some things are better shared among peers in privacy. In any case TV is not the only media women can use to share information about their personal hygiene. I’m not being personal here, I just don’t like seeing women exposing their thighs at news time and call that advertising.

I also hate TV Marketing managers for using girls with bleached skins as commercial pawns for their adverts, that’s tantamount to forgery. Using coffee colored girls to sell your products is manipulation, to say the least.
Media houses and advertising companies are busy perpetuating the scam that light skinned color is desirable, that also I hate, because it’s an insult to our conscious and pride. They need to be put in the dock and made to account for their manipulation.

Have you ever seen a dark skinned lady adverting soap or some toilet cleaner? Answer is no. Ok, what type of baby skin do you see in adverts for baby diapers? It’s usually babies with lighter skin. So what is the media and advertising houses telling us? They are telling us that the lighter the skin, the better.

That’s why, those TV girls wriggling their waists and jumping and swinging – and everything we see during commercial breaks – are often coffee colored or light skinned, probably bleached using some God-knows what concoctions.

I hate to believe that beauty is all about being light skinned – in the face, that is. We have women who look light skinned just up to the neck while the rest of their body is dark. They hide their darkness, only to show their bleached skin which they think would earn them some points to eat at men’s table and appear on TV commercials. Thus women bleach their skin by applying chemicals of non-descript and take pills of dubious nature so that, per adventure, they could be on TV to advertise some Chinese made hygiene products. Shame!

Shop attendants and some sales representatives crave to have lighter skin color for them to make good sales. If there are two ladies on two different tills in a shop, the one with a light skinned lady will have more men lining up. Why? Skin color.

Feminine beauty, for many TV ads, is all about the face and nothing else. A women could have bent legs, forked fingers and a bulging tummy, but if her head has Brazilian hair and her face is glistening from a layer of God-knows what makeup, then she qualifies to be on TV.

Tell you what, beauty is not all about the face. It’s about everything else. It’s about the heart, brains, character, spirituality, reputation, and a lot of all other virtues.

But is there hope to change these erroneous TV perceptions? Yes, of course. The change should start with TV advertisements. They should not show preference of ladies based on skin color. After all black is beautiful, isn’t it?

Therefore, from today, I call for rebellion. Rebellion against those businesses that use light skinned girls to advertise their goods and services. Rebellion at products that want to manipulate us based on skin color. So if these advertising companies realize that we are no longer interested in faked beauty, they will help rebrand our natural beauty. If we do so, skin bleaching will end. And cancers will end. And Home and Family will save a lot of money.

And I’ll hate nobody.

Lastly, and certainly the least, I don’t like government officials showing off their exaggerated sense of self-importance by dehumanizing poor people for making a living by brewing kachasu.
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