Soon after Mr. Nakachinda was appointed as Patriotic Front (PF) Secretary General by then Vice President of the party Mr. Given Lubinda, the two hatched up a Lungu agenda named “alebwelelapo” meant to prop up political fortunes of the beleaguered former president Lungu which continued to plummet at an alarming rate. Later, in an interview with the News Diggers and carried in its paper of 22nd September 2023, Mr. Nakachinda alleged that the “alebwelelapo” agenda did not come from him or PF but from the people of Zambia and that the PF was just backing it. It is therefore at this moment not wrong to assume that the duo did present this agenda to Mr. Lungu and judging from his rhetoric and relentless rantings of late, he must have welcomed the agenda.

Mistakenly, Mr. Lungu now thinks he is popular because he has heard the “alebwelelapo” agenda mainly from his surrogates, carefully planted across the country to sing this song. He has also forgotten that this same “alebwelelapo” song was in top gear and part of his campaign strategy in 2021 elections but the same did not save him from the humiliating defeat that befell him. But he is consoled by the fact that he still has the “kasaka ka ndalama” that he obtained when he was Republican President but blinded by the fact that those promoting the “alebwelelapo” agenda are his surrogates who may have benefitted from him through handouts or through errands to do the unimaginable during his rule as Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. They know he has the “kasama ka ndalama” and for some time now they have not received handouts and hence quickly welcomed his coming back to active politics so that handouts can find their way to their pockets and homes. They have joined the chorus sorely for the purpose of sharing the “kasaka ka ndalama”.

Unfortunately, the man is so unpopular that he cannot even manage to successfully contest an election at presidential level against the incumbent, President Hakainde Hichilema. Mr. Hichilema is now reported to be 10 times more popular than the miserable and shameless Mr. Lungu despite the economic and financial traps that he left behind for Mr. Hichilema to get trapped. It is now clear that he is very unpopular and cannot win an election against President Hichilema. He can therefore save face and try at a lower level against me for a seat in the National Assembly. I hereby challenge him to an election duel with me in Chawama Constituency just to prove a point that he is very unpopular and cannot “bwelelapo” even ku Chawama.

To pave way for the contest, and if he is not scared, I ask him to ask his daughter Tasila to resign as MP so that a by-election is held ASAP if he is man enough. I want to waya him very badly so that he goes into political oblivion once and for all. Making headlines in the print and mainstream electronic media outlets and social media will not save him from a humiliating election armageddon to come.

He has never apologized to the people of Zambia and he has been a political nuisance and very nauseating of late. His rule was a reign of terror, highly corrupt, and there was a breakdown of law and order (total anarchy) where we saw PF cadres becoming more powerful than the law enforcement officers. Aikona man. I think the man has gone bananas.