My name is Mr Ngandu, and my issue is concerning this Threatened State of Emergency thing,

As I was slowly driving up the 10 miles hill, a black car came and intercepted me and three police officers came out. They were uniformed and two were carrying AK-47 rifles. They ordered me to pack the car and to open my boot, they then told me to lie down. After searching in my car boot they then said “follow us to Kabangwe or produce K500” of which I did not even have that kind of money in my pocket.

There after one of them grabbed me and the other one pushed a hand in my pocket and removed a K75 from my pocket. Then they gave me a warning which did not make sense and drove off at high speed.

When this was happening, there was a break down at a distance ahead of me and another one behind me. Unfortunately there were no witnesses. The car that chased me was a Toyota Marino and black in colour and it has an exhaust booster behind, but I cant remember the number plate.

I am worried because upto now, I don’t know if those were police officers or criminals that I was dealing with. Can the Police command explain, is this harassment part of police operations under the so-called Threatened State of Emergency?