Soon you might attend my funeral – Canisius

Dr Canisius Banda: File picture

I have been attending other people’s funerals; but soon you might be attending mine, says Dr Canisius Banda.

The former UPND vice-president for politics evoked emotions when he posted this chilling article on his Facebook page today:

“ON PILGRIMS [The Farewell Thoughts of One Canisius Banda]:

….You have been great to me. I have learnt many things from you. You have been such a great team/bunch.
And I am immensely grateful to you all

We come and we go. Earth is just a station for us to manifest the magnificence of our Lord.
I have been attending other people’s funerals; but soon you might be attending mine.

My journey might be reaching its end now.

Pray for me.

And love each other always. Always remember instead of building walls we must build bridges. It is when you secure another that you secure yourself. Emit light. Occasion good. Build lives.

Farewell, my friends.

And remember to tell our son, Miles and Nkosinatthi, daughter, to be on the side of God always. As a community raise them well. They too are your children.

Goodbye. I thank God for everything.

So should it be the decision of the Heavens that I must not speak with you again, so be it, I say farewell.
Farewell, my friends.

Continue travelling. This is a relay.

For now pray for me!

PS: …and please oh please! This is not a suicide note. Go on, you are free to laugh.
Kindly share.”

When one of his followers asked him if he was planning to commit suicide, Dr Banda responded that he had never been suicidal but that he also had never gotten as ill as he currently was in his 50 years on earth.

By press time, Dr Banda was unreachable.


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