In this audio, Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga condemns the conduct of Woman Constable Lombe Musonda, a Kitwe based officer who confirms sleeping with another woman’s husband.

A recording was sent to News Diggers! of Constable Musonda telling a wife of the man she is sleeping with that police officers have feelings too.

Woman Constable Musonda admits that she is sleeping with the married man, and vows that she will continue to do so in order to punish her.

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But Katanga says although the matter is civil in nature, the officer exhibited conduct that was not befitting of a trained officer.

“Officers are trained to restrain themselves when faced with provocation or insults, but this went beyond what was expected of a credible police officer out of duty,” said Katanga.

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Katanga adds that the Copperbelt Police command has called for a meeting between the two families in order to resolve the wife and girlfriend dispute over husband.