In this audio, singer Pilato says the fact that he made peace with the Patriotic Front government does not mean that he has been silenced and cannot speak through his music on behalf of the voiceless.

Born Chama Fumba, the 33-year-old mixed genre recording artiste from Ndola has been a critic of governments. He was once arrested and detained for mocking the incumbent President Edgar Lungu through a song “aLungu anabwela” which depicted the Head of State as a poor man from Chawama compound who had ruined late president Michael Sata’s political inheritance.

He however sought a meeting with the powers that be to apologise for his harsh criticism before he went under – breaking the hearts of many who saluted his courage.

But early last week, Pilato announced his return to the local music charts with another critic against “greedy politicians”.

In this song, Pilato says when ministers and MPs get rich, they should be inviting the voters to join them in eating.

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Pilato told News Diggers! that “making peace does not mean being silenced”.

“Making peace doesn’t mean that people should not speak. When these people became ministers or whatever they have become, they don’t go back to share what they are gaining with the voters. Ministers are telling people how Zambia is doing well, how things are well, but the people have a different story. So what I am saying is that if things are okay, why not go back to the people who gave you the power and share?,” Pilato said.

He said People feel they have been abandoned by politicians who have even left the WhatsApp groups they formed during campaigns.

Asked what he had apologised to the PF for, Pilato said he was accused of being paid by the opposition and he needed to set the record straight.

“When I apologised to the President and the government, I did not promise them that I would not speak out,” said Pilato.

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