Muvi TV proprietor Stephen Nyirenda today stormed Komboni Radio in Lusaka’s Kamwala residential area, confiscated broadcasting equipment, a transmitter and locked the premises, sending employees into panic.

On November 17, Nyirenda’s recently divorced wife Lesa Kasoma sued him in the Lusaka High Court over their matrimonial home in Roma, which she wants the court to declare as jointly owned.

But around 12:00 hours today, Nyirenda in the company of others closed down the radio station.

According to sources, Nyirenda was angered after discovering that Kasoma had changed the ownership of the radio station.

“Yes, he (Nyirenda) went there today because there is a lot that has been happening. That broadcasting equipment was bought by Muvi TV, so after she was entrusted with some responsibilities, she started changing the ownership. So the boss just decided that enough is enough. That’s how he went and picked up everything and locked the place,” said the source.

When contacted for a comment, Kasoma told News Diggers! that she could not comment because she was in a meeting.

“Yes, it is true. I can’t comment any further, I am in a meeting, I will call you later,” said Kasoma.