Circulating photo of Kaizer was taken during campaigns, explains PF

PF media director Sunday Chanda has clarified that the circulating photo of President Edgar Lungu’s political advisor Kaizer Zulu and State House Permanent Secretary Christah Kalulu was taken during election campaigns in 2015.

Chanda said this in reaction to the front page picture of the News Diggers! ePaper edition 65, which indicated that the photo was taken today as the State House officials travelled on the presidential Challenger to Harare, Zimbabwe.

“The Photo is 2015 during the campaigns. PS Kalulu did not travel to Zimbabwe,” explained Chanda.

The circulating photo has attracted wide condemnation from the general public, including Alliance for Community Action director Laura Miti who reacted by advising President Lungu’s advisors to avoid flaunting lavish lifestyles on social media while the rest of the citizenry was suffering.

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If a picture surfaced that showed your spouse shagging their boss, would you care what the date of the picture was? If DNAvl results came out showing that your child was not actually yours or that the neighbors child is actually your husbands, would you be saying that the child is 17 years old.


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