Renowned Copperbelt-based musician Chama Fumba alias Pilato has released a new song that has annoyed some PF officials who feel the song depicts President Edgar Lungu as a thief.

The song titled ‘Koswe Mumpoto’, which has become an instant hit, shared widely on WhatsApp and other platforms, talks about a rat which has nibbling at the little food left in the pot.

The satirical singer, also describes the rat as a thief who steals even the things he does not need and is making farmers cry whilst swindling people through marketeers loans.

“They gave us a Cabbage, they said no, they gave us Nyama Soya, we ate it for a short time and we quickly had a new catch. Then came King Cobra, they immediately killed him before he could unfold. Then we said in that case give us mbeba but they instead gave us a rat,” Pilato sings in Bemba, a local language.

“A rat has entered into the house and is stealing. It respects moving a lot and its job is stealing without working. Rats steal even the things it does not need. They steal briefs which they don’t wear. Just after King Cobra left, mice came in and their only job is to steal. Ask the farmers they are crying, it’s like they have also stolen from them, and the marketeers are getting loans. Grandmother isn’t this a mouse? ‘No, nikoswe mumpoto (its a mouse in the pot)’.”

The song further warns people to be extra careful with the mice saying that many might die because the mice have entered into hospitals from roads.

Pilato also sings that the rat is always wanting to get commissions on any work they do, adding that they have now gone to Chinese investors.

Take a listen:

But Pilato’s song has not been received well by the PF, with for Central Province youth chairperson Moses Chilando saying the song is an insult to President Lungu.

In a statement today, Chilando states the song is provocative, degrading and outside one’s freedom of expression and further gives Pilato a 48-hour ultimatum to withdraw his track.

“The recently song released by Pilato is insulting, provocative, degrading and outside the province of one’s entitlement to freedom of expression. We vehemently disagree with the offensive lyrics as they are designed to insult and demean. While we do not expect Pilato to like President Edgar Lungu or any other leader, no one should promote vile-charged social commentary intended to drag the rest of society to low-time sewer politics,” Chilando stated.

Chilando calls on the church to condemn the song saying that it was only aimed at ridiculing leaders.

“We therefore call on members of the public, including the Church to condemn such contaminated social commentary aimed at insulting and ridiculing leaders. While we believe in freedom of expression, we shall not condone abuse of that freedom to insult innocent citizens, including our leaders. Patriotic Front youths therefore gives Pilato a 48-hour ultimatum to withdraw his track. We shall not sit back and have him insult our President at will in the name of freedom of expression. We have no problems with anyone holding the President and his administration accountable, but we have serious issues with those who wish to take it upon themselves to insult the President and his Government. They should be ready to swallow what they have decided to chew,” stated Chilando.