NGOCC has urged the police to make sure that they arrest a Petauke man who is behind a video that has gone viral on social media in which he filmed an unconscious naked woman after allegedly raping her.

And Police say they will not rest until “the thug is arrested and prosecuted”.

The said man, who is believed to be a pimp filmed a naked drunk woman and fondled her private parts while inviting other men to go and sleep with her.

The man boasts, in a highly graphic video which police are trying to contain from circulating, that he had bought a lot of beer to deliberately intoxicate the average age woman.

In the one minute twenty seconds video the man is seen moving the woman’s underwear to the side exposing her private parts.

He also invites other men to join him saying he had gotten tired of having his way with her.

“Guys muona katundu uyu? So wamene afuna atombeko, yamwa yakolewa. So guys imwe katundu benangu mulibe nichito zibilatu. Katundu uyu, kutomba usiku onse nikulema naye uku manje, ablaka ka, ise bamene tiziba ku gula moba tagula moba, gelo ikolewe, agonna, katundu very nice (guys, do you see this property? So whoever wants to sleep with her, she drunk so much beer and she is too drank now. So guys, I know that some of you don’t have property. Here is property, I slept with her the whole night and now I am tired, she blacked out. Us who know how to buy beer bought beer so that the girl can drink and get drank, she is sleeping now. Very nice merchandise),” the man is heard saying as he fondles her private part whilst filming.

“So apa nifuna ni tombeko ka last but nilibe ochita invite so ngati kuli muntu aliko pa fupi napa Petauke, nilipa Petauke nalema nayo katundu iyi, bwelani tichaye (So I want to have sex with her for the last time but I don’t have anyone to invite so if there is anyone who is near Petauke, I am in Petauke, I am so tired of this merchandise, come we do it together).”

But NGOCC programmes manager Chilufya Siwale said in a statement that the man in the said video needed to be arrested for taking advantage of the unconsciousness of the woman to sexually abuse her, which she said was “most inhumane and cruel”.

“The Non-Governmental Organisation’s Coordinating Council has been alerted to a disgusting video of a man in Eastern Province who was exposing the nakedness of an unconscious woman after allegedly raping her. As an organisation, we are deeply saddened by the conduct of the man in the video, who was sexually abusing the unconscious woman, while filming the ordeal. We would like to urge the police to immediately institute investigations and arrest the man for what is clearly a rape case. The man took advantage of the unconsciousness of the woman to sexually abuse her, which is most inhumane and cruel,” stated Siwale.

“The conduct of the man is the worst form of indignity against a fellow human being, especially against a woman. NGOCC has since instructed its members in Petauke to help the police to identify the woman in question so that she can help the police with investigations and in identifying the man. This case yet again epitomizes the entrenched patriarchy and the structural challenges that women face every day. It is clear that moral decay is at its worst in our society, as evidenced by the sad incident in Petauke. We urge the Ministry of National Guidance and Religious Affairs to sensitise citizens of our national values as enshrined in the Republican Constitution.”

And Police Spokesperson Esther Mwaata Katongo said police have launched investigations into the crime.

“The Zambia Police have launched investigations in the matter where a video has gone viral involving a woman in her unconscious state being sexually abused by a male person purported to have happened in Petauke District of Eastern Province. The conduct by the thug who filmed and posted the video on social media is inhuman, a violation of human rights and above all criminal,” Katongo stated.

“We are therefore appealing to the victim not to shy-away from the Police as it has been the case in such matters but to avail herself to Police so that a statement can be recorded from her. We further appeal to relatives of the victim and those that may know her, to encourage her to go to any nearest Police Station and give information on what transpired on the material day and further be counselled.”

She said police would not rest until the culprit was booked.

“We also call on members of the public who could have information on the whereabouts of the perpetrator of the heinous crime to confide in Police officers. The Zambia Police will not relent in arresting all those that would want to commit crimes using social media; and we are warning all would be offenders to stay away from such acts or risk being arrested and prosecuted. The perpetrator may be hiding today but he will not hide in perpetuity, soon he will be fished out. The same applies to all other cases involving abuse of cyber space,” stated Katongo.