IBA orders DSTV to suspend Lusaka Hustle show

The Independent Broadcasting Authority has ordered DSTV to suspend a reality show dubbed Lusaka Hustle on Zambezi Magic saying it promotes a lifestyle which is contrary to Zambian values.

In a statement, IBA Director General Josephine Mapoma stated that the authority had received too many complaints from members of the public concerning the same.

After the show’s second episode aired on Friday, social media was awash with pictures of Mukuni Godfrey Mulundika, alias Kuni, who had joined his friends Cleo and Thandi at a spar, clad in an outfit which showed off his thighs.

Some netizens attacked Kuni for behaving in a feminine manner and Religious Affairs Minister Reverend Godfridah Sumaili called for the banning of the programme.

“The Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) has directed Multi Choice Zambia to, with immediate effect, suspend the Lusaka Hustler reality show on Zambezi Magic on the DSTV Platform. This follows public outcries that the Lusaka Hustle reality show promotes a lifestyle contrary to our Zambian values and culture. Further, the Authority has received several comments from the Public concerning the show in question and as such, has directed Multichoice Zambia to withdraw the Lusaka Hustler reality show in Public interest,” Mapoma stated.

“Section 24 (1) of the IBA (Principal) Act, 2002 provides , “All programmes by a Commercial Broadcasting service shall, subject to the conditions of a license and regulations of the Authority –(a) reflect the culture, character, needs and aspirations of the people in the areas that they are licensed to serve.”

And Mapoma asked local creators to produce content which reflected Zambian culture.

“The IBA wishes to further urge producers of local content to produce content that reflects the Zambian culture as well as take into consideration Zambian laws. The Authority would also like to urge Television stations acquiring local content to preview all content to ensure that the local content, both film and musical, is in line with the Zambian culture and suits the needs of all content consumers,” stated Mapoma.

Kuni and his co-stars are yet to comment on the fracas.

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It is very un ethical for Zambian media houses to start allowing content that can affect and distort our values which has kept this nations citizen for ages, as much as we want to transcend to modern time we should always stay true and loyal to our culture.


Western values have for a long time now been eroding our traditional Zambian values.
Kissing the opposite sex for example when greeting.
There is a lot of Hypocrisy as well.
Women for example are allowed to wear very revealing clothing our so called Christian Nation.

Chileshe Bwembya
Chileshe Bwembya

So what is that which is called “Zambian culture”, which you all talk about so much?

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