Police in Lusaka have summoned Oracle Media Productions managing director Mutinta Mazoka M’membe.

Oracle Media is the company behind the publication of The Mast Newspaper which has replaced the Post Newspapers following its liquidation.

Mutinta who is married to Fred M’membe, the Editor in Chief of the defunct Post Newspapers has been summoned to appear at Service Headquarters at 09:00 Hours this morning.

Last evening, Mutinta issued a strongly worded statement in which she stated that Oracle Media would continue publishing the Mast Newspaper as it was a registered entity.

“The current discussion of The Mast in the government media is wrong and has no basis in law. It has been suggested that The Mast is an illegal publication for allegedly not being registered with the Zambia Revenue Authority. Companies are required to register for tax within thirty days of commencement of operations. Our company has tendered all the documents required for Tax Registration and is therefore compliant with Tax laws,” stated Mutinta.

She added, “It is therefore wrong to suggest that The Mast is being published illegally. On the question of copyright, we have established that there are no registered trademarks or other similar rights that The Mast is infringing. That said, we will continue to publish the newspaper in keeping with our laws as established.”